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Name:Anon Transformers Kink Community
Website:Original Anonymous Kink Meme
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Anon Transformers Kink Community
Here's how it works:

** You ANONYMOUSLY post a kink request you've always wanted to read but were too afraid/embarrassed to ask for or write yourself. Random folk will read your request and write you a drabble or ficlet, also ANONYMOUSLY.


** Pretty much all Transformer fandoms & continuities go. Go wild people.

** You can make and fulfill as many requests as you like. Feedback (also ANONYMOUS) is highly encouraged, though not exactly a rule. Fics can be any length, a few sentences to full ficcage.

** If you want to de-anon to link to your journal with your response, you may do so.

** If someone has already written for a particular request you can still write something too! No limits here.

** If you make a request, try to respond to one as well to keep the meme active.

** Remember this is a kink meme, not a pairing meme. Don’t just list the pairing you want to see a story about but what you’d like to see them doing.
Wrong way: I want some Bee/Sam action!
Right way: I want to see Bee/Sam bondage while the other bots watch! (seriously, I would love that)

**NO SHOTA/UNDERAGE sex! This means NO under-16 smut involving humans. For TFs - USE COMMON SENSE. While there is no canon coming-of-age, a "child" or "youngling" or such fic is NOT allowed.

**NO RPF! This means no real people in stories! If there is a character/persona that is separate from the real person, the CHARACTER may be used, but not the real person. Examples that are OK are Harry Potter (but not Daniel Radcliffe), Hannah Montana (but not Miley Cyrus) or the Church Lady (but not Dana Carvey). If you have questions about this, please PM a mod for clarification.

REQ: Characters - brief Kink - Continuity; in the body, get as specific as you want so anons know what you're hoping to see!

FIC: Title (optional) - Characters - brief Kink - Continuity

--this will allow readers to support ones they want to see, and read or skip Fics as needed. UPDATED - you need to have what you're requesting & responding to *in the header*

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